Communal Service

The Colorado Hebrew Chorale helps serve the community by promoting tolerance, through acquainting diverse audiences with Jewish history and culture.

Our communal service includes outreach within the Jewish community by performing for organizations such as: 

  • Shalom Park and the Allied Jewish Apartments senior residences
  • Rocky Mountain area synagogues.

We also participate in community wide events including: 

  • Holocaust Remembrance
  • Israeli Memorial Day
  • Israeli Independence Day
  • Denver Jewish Film Festival

In addition to the Jewish community, interfaith outreachis a critical part of our communal service. The Colorado Hebrew Chorale has participated in: 

  • Sacred Celebration!
  • DU Center for Judaic Studies programs featuring Jewish and Muslim entertainment
  • Thanksgiving performances
  • Church programs
  • The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado Music Festival

Finally, we provide multi-cultural exposure to the public at large by performing at such venues as: 

  • A Taste of Colorado
  • Colorado Performing Arts Festival
  • First Night Colorado
  • CO State Legislature Holocaust Remembrance
  • Public and Private schools
  • College campuses
  • Local live TV broadcasts
  • Libraries.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Colorado Hebrew Chorale is an all volunteer organization. We are always happy for additional assistance, either ongoing or on a one-time basis.

We are currently looking for help in the following capacities:

  • Web Management
  • Fund Raising
  • Publicity
  • Board of Directors secretary
  • Event Planning
  • Sound Equipment Assistant

Please contact Carol Kozak Ward at coloradohebrewchorale@yahoo.com to volunteer today!

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